A-Level Results day – the career options that your school don’t tell you about.

So, the dreaded A-Level Results Day was 4 days ago, and before you click off this page thinking I’m going to give you a huge motivational speech about ‘how life goes on’ – I’m not. Instead I’m going to give you what seems unbelievably rare in any secondary school these days – options other than going to Uni. Of course, I have no disrespect about people who want to go to University, only a mere four days ago I was one of those people myself, receiving pretty good AS Level results. But after exploring my options, I discovered that there were so many opportunities out there compared to what had been fed to me through most of my school career.

So results day didn’t go to plan? Here are a few options that may help you get back to your self-motivated self!

1) If you are extremely desperate to go to University but didn’t manage to get in with your grades this year, why don’t you appeal to your school/college asking if you could re-sit a year of Sixth Form in an attempt to bunk those grades up. Most schools should allow this as, of course, they want what is best for you, but if this is not an option don’t fret! Instead just read on…

2) Change your higher education plan. By this I mean, if you attended Sixth Form and it didn’t work out for you, why don’t you choose to go to a College instead to study a course you have great interest in? It can be a totally different experience, especially in terms of independence, and you might even find your career plan for the future changes entirely! Although the application date for starting College in September might have passed, most Colleges have a variety of courses that begin at other points in the year, such as January. (http://www.colleges-uk.co.uk/ is a particularly good website for finding local Colleges in your area.)

3) Apprenticeships. This choice is becoming incredibly popular by the minute in the UK, as employers now look more and more for experience as opposed to just a (hopefully related) qualification. Go to http://www.apprenticeships.org.uk/ for loads more information.

4) How about just starting your career?! Nowadays there are an incredible amount of websites and associations dedicated to kick-starting young people’s careers with really helpful advice. One organisation that I have found the most useful to-date is http://www.gothinkbig.co.uk/. Founded by 02, it archives a huge list of opportunities accross the UK for young people to snap up. This includes internships in magazine companies, as well the chance to work on creative media sets, such as Rizzle Kick’s new music video. I would really advise everyone reading to even just follow @GoThinkBig on Twitter for the latest career advice and opportunities.

Of course, there are many more options for young people after results day than what I have listed, but the above are what I have found that schools don’t tell students enough about.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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