Youth are the problem? Think again.

Fuming. That is the only word that describes how I feel right now, and all because of one article, wrote by one man, Lindsay Johns. 

He wrote this article, explaining how ‘It is time we stopped worshipping at the high altar of youth. It is both misguided and dangerous.’ and how ‘We need to listen to young people far less.’ 

I’m sorry, Lindsay, were you not a youth once? Or am I not supposed to question you or talk-back to you, because I myself am a ‘youth’? 

In my opinion, adults need to listen to young people more. There has never been a time where we have felt so left in the dark to do with anything that is ‘important’ in this country, such as Politics or Education. We are simply sat down by adults much like Lindsay Johns and told what we must believe and what is right. 

Lindsay Johns’s article seems to lack depth and fact. In fact, he goes as far to say ‘We need to tell them why Shakespeare is infinitely better than Harry Potter and have the courage to deal with their initial displeasure.Only by doing this will we help them achieve their full potential and equip them with the intellectual skills they need to be successful, well-adjusted citizens making positive contributions to the society in which they live.’

So basically (this is for the ‘youth’ that need everything ‘dumbing-down’) Lindsay Johns is stating that everybody should be educated in the same way that he was in order to succeed. 

Right. To me this sounds like a formula for chaos, we would all be educated to be narrow-minded and not accepting of cultural change. Robots, basically. 

I could go on all day quoting inaccurate and incredibly offensive sentences from Lindsay Johns’s article but I really must get down to the point.

Lindsay – Young people aren’t stupid, in fact we know full well what is right and wrong with this society, and me and my friends have had a good laugh at your prejudiced article, we find it rather satirical, almost.  Instead of focusing on such trivial matters like youth fashion, why don’t you spend 5 minutes of your precious time having an intellectual conversation with a youth, they’ll find they can teach you a lot. Finally, instead of blaming all of us for the ‘failure of our educational system’, why don’t you take a look at what you’re doing,as adults, first, and take a much more mature approach to the change in culture, or if can’t handle this, be slightly more subtle with your insults next time, we like a challenge. As Albert Einstein once said ‘The measure of intelligence is the ability to change’. 

P.S: Baggy jeans are so out of fashion. 


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