For anybody that needs a bit of inspiration on this politically-depressing day…

As I’m sure you all know, there have been many talks in Parliament today, a lot of which have upset me, particularly David Cameron’s wish to eliminate benefits for under 25’s who are not in full-time education or work.

I’m terribly sorry Mr Cameron, but there are not enough jobs to go around. In order to get into higher education (such as Uni) we need good grades, and to get the jobs we need the education – so what about the under 25’s who seem to get neither? Are you going to let them struggle? Are you going to restrain their freedom, forcing them to get into jobs in which they cannot progress as opposed to careers?

If your suggestion turns into reality, Mr Cameron, have no doubt that I will be knocking on the door of number 10 Downing Street in a year’s time, when I turn 18, with not even 50p to my name, asking if you have a cheap room to rent.

P.S: The video attached is by a talented young person named Suli Breaks, and he explains well how so many young people are feeling.

Thank you.

Twitter – @LLeaCunningham


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