First, I should probably apologise for not posting as much as I should. This is for a couple of reasons
1) I’ve recently become a staff writer for Wannabe Hacks (which is so awesome)
2) Sixth-form is basically swallowing up any chance of free-time I might have.

But, I’m coming back with a bang.

It’s almost 2014, it’s almost January, and that means it’s almost January 15th – UCAS application deadline. Sixth-form students galore who have not yet sent out their UCAS applications will be scuttling around their place of study after the Winter holidays, bugging teachers for references and practically giving themselves minor brain damage due to the endless editing of the personal statement. Some students will be eager to apply to universities, others..well, they’re just doing it because their school told them to.

In 2014, I want this to stop. I don’t want students to just apply to university because that’s all they think they should be doing. People need to be passionate about their future, which doesn’t seem to be happening in many cases, and that’s sad. People need more education about their own future.

In 2014, let’s educate one another, as students and teachers, that University is never the only option.

I am not trying deny people of higher education, I believe in it fully, if that’s what you want to do. What I don’t believe in is students cruising through sixth-form/college thinking that going to University is there only decent chance of doing anything with their future, and at the end of 3 or 4 years, being more alone than they’ve ever been, because in reality, they should have thought about what they were going to do after their years of education.

This is why, as a sixth-former myself, I want to enter 2014 doing something to help other young people, a New Year’s Resolution, if you wish. I want to gather a group of young people who feel the same, as well as teachers. I want to set up a platform, a website, for young people to see their choices balanced and more clearly.

I want to begin #DifferentChoice2014.


2 thoughts on “#DifferentChoice2014

  1. About time!! Nice subtle brag about that wannabe hacks gig :p. Just teasing, congratulations, great job so far!

    Was worth the wait. I’ve thought about this many times and we have the same opinion for the most part – overall, more could be done from parents, teachers and students to educate us about choices and our future in general.

    You’ve inspired me to make my own blog post, which will basically be me rambling about my thoughts on the subject.

    Keep us posted with plans and if you need any help don’t hesitate to get in touch. Excited to see what comes of this.


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