The List – #DifferentChoice2014

So, if you have read my previous blog post, you will know that this year, 2014, I am seriously pushing for young people to think about the other options they have after school, aside University.

In order to get this going, and get the attention it so desperately needs, phase 1 of #DifferentChoice2014 is The List. I want to compile a list full of people, using a petition website, that suit one or more of the following options:

  • Want to support #DifferentChoice2014.
  • Believe that students should be looking into options aside from University.
  • Have experienced themselves a education path that didn’t include University.
  • Have gone to University but believe it didn’t land them in a better position.
  • Fully enjoyed University but wish they had been educated more about other options.
  • Any companies that support careers education in schools.

The List will be used to campaign #DifferentChoice2014, and people that wish to have heavy involvement will be fully encouraged to take part in projects surrounding this in the near future. Although The List will be compiled on a petition website, it isn’t a protest against anything, instead the main purpose of The List is to prove just how many people feel the same way about young people not being educated enough on path’s aside University.

In order to put your name on The List to raise awareness, simply folow the link here:


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