Moaning Mondays: The ‘I am amazing without any effort’ people.

So, what better way to start off my new blog layout (and commitment), than with a good ol’ moan, something that will be happening every Monday on this blog, FYI.

Today, I want to talk about the ‘I am amazing at everything without any effort ever’ people. Yes, those people. The people that claim they haven’t even picked up their Maths textbooks all year, and ‘know nothing’, yet come out of their exam with an A* in their pocket and no wrong answers.

When your a person that can’t even wash a plate properly without a bit of practice, those type of people can be kind of infuriating.

(DISCLAIMER: The following may, or may not be, true stories)

Example 1: I have spent hours upon hours on a presentation for my homework. I have created the world’s most colourful Powerpoint presentation, with timed transitions and all. ‘Person A’ states before the lesson that theirs is ‘rubbish’ and they spent ‘hardly any time on the project’, only to then give a 40 minute, jaw-dropping, flawless, business-worthy presentation, topped off with matching cue cards (which obviously they didn’t need to read off because they had memorised the WHOLE 30 PAGE PRESENTATION). In comparison, my presentation likens to a toddler let loose with horrendous amounts of paint.

Toddler with paint.

Example 2: ‘Person A’ walks into school/work looking as if they have came from the Golden Globes red carpet. There is not one piece of hair out of place on their head, and they’ve somehow perfected the ‘smoky eye’ look overnight. They receive compliments galore, but brush them off stating that they ‘just got out of bed and came straight here (fake laugh)’. Maybe it’s my mistake, maybe everyone wakes up like that, but I think not. In comparison, I walk into school looking like the girl from The Ring, even after getting up early to make an effort.

Very deep down, so deep it is a very, extremely repressed feeling, I am probably just a tiny bit jealous of these people, if they are actually telling the truth about what little effort they put into life. 

But somehow, I think they’re not.

In my mind, I reckon they’re up till 2am every night working on all sorts of plans to make themselves look effortless, drained of sleep (hence why all the make-up is needed, to cover up the efforts), spending every living moment attempting to be the ‘easy going’ person.

I hope so, anyway. Otherwise I’m missing out on a huge secret in life..


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One thought on “Moaning Mondays: The ‘I am amazing without any effort’ people.

  1. Great post. I was kind of obe of those I’m amazing without any effort kids through school, apart from I wasn’t amazed by my own amazingness… Turns out I wasn’t that amazing after all and all the hard workers are where I want to be. I deceided to work hard and I’m still trying to catch up.

    So yeah. They are not all that they’re cracked up to be and hard work gets results!


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