‘I Wish’ Wednesday: Women.

(I think I’ve managed to find the cheesiest picture on the internet…)

I wish that us women stuck together more.

You know what, world, I’m sick and tired of competition. Specifically between women, whether that be about looks, career, boyfriends, anything. I am so sick and tired of women trying to get one up on each other, trying to out-do each other in what they wear, who they’re friends with. Oh, and I’m just plain sick of bitchiness.

I’m very much a ‘women’s woman’, in case you can’t already tell. I believe very much so in us oestrogen-filled humans sticking together. After all, we understand each other better than men understand us, surely?

I can’t tell you the countless amount of times I have witnessed two women falling out and then bitching to all their male friends about it, as if to create some kind of army against one another. I’m sorry, but those men simply tend to not care in the slightest, because they can see how ridiculous it is.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of healthy competition, and friendly competition at that, but what I’m not a fan of is practically throwing stilettos at each other in the work place.

Quite recently, a video came up on my Facebook page, of two school girls who had got into a fight, for no apparent reason. So, one girl was kicking the shit out of another girl, and everybody around them was cheering her on. Somebody had the cheek to film it. All these girls, ganging up against one. And without running the risk of being too stereotypical, this girl didn’t look like she fitted in with the rest girls, she wasn’t wearing the same type and clothes and didn’t do her hair the same. This is all so, so wrong. One of those girls should have had the decency to stop the girl attacking and assaulting her, but it seems that nowadays us women are far too caught up in our own little groups to care about anybody else.  Seems petty, doesn’t it?

I wish that instead of fighting with one another, we could comfort each other, because (feeling slightly sorry for myself here) being a woman isn’t exactly easy, for various reasons, we’re experts on that.

For example: Woman 1 has stomach cramps, so Woman 2 offers to satisfy her cravings and make her a cake and lend her a hot water bottle.

Reality: Woman 1 complains about her stomach cramps, so Woman 2 is nice to her face and wishes that she gets better soon, but behind her back bitches to all her friends about how pathetic she is for complaining.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply to all women, before people criticise me for generalising. I just wish that all women were women lovers!


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