Thankful Thursday: Blogs!

Every Thursday, from now on, I’m going to be listing 5 things, within a category, that I am completely and utterly thankful for.

So, to kick this new feature off, I’m going to talk about the 5 blogs I just simply love, in no particular order. Yes, basically this is my excuse release the fangirl within me. Click the link to see my inner fangirl : 

1) Lunacy of Ink:

‘I was born. That went well.’ If you don’t already love it then you SHOULD. The blog was born on Valentine’s Day 2008, when Kimberley Willis’ husband (wasn’t at the time) gave her ‘a platform to flourish’. However don’t be fooled, this blog is anything but romantic, and therefore I love it. Whenever I need a good giggle I turn to this blog, because it never fails to make me smile, whether it be on the topic of horrific New Year resolution attempts or cake-baking fails, Kimberley has mastered it all. Oh and she’s been short listed in the Cosmo blog awards twice, so that’s pretty cool.

2) Chris’ Cancer Community:

Although he probably doesn’t know it, I have a great admiration for this man, Chris. He devotes a lot, if not all, of his life trying to give hope to those with cancer, something that he experienced himself. Due to this experience he initially decided to set up his own charity, and now works with works with several of the national cancer charities to raise cancer awareness in the community. Although I have never experienced this illness personally, it reassures me to know that there are people like Chris in the world, who would be there to support me and my loved ones through such a heart-wrenching time.

3) Outside Beauty Inside Health:

Okay, so anybody that knows me is probably reading this and laughing. Because anybody that knows me knows that I am in no way, shape (especially not shape), or form, interested in fitness/health. That doesn’t mean that I can’t still enjoy this blog! I live in hope that one day I can make it past the end of the street on one of my jogs, that one day the biscuit tin will stay closed and that one day my temptations can be satisfied with mere fruit. Therefore, this blog is a nice little resource for when that day comes around, sitting in my back pocket, making me feel like I’m actually starting somewhere to get fit….

4) Life in Geordieland:

So I’m from the North East, and this means that I have an unwritten contract in life to be interested in anything about the North East, going on in the North East, North East newbies, food, just everything. This is on the most-part because I live in now, what I consider to be, the South, and therefore I’m an outsider. Hence why I read this blog, to see what’s going on in my home-land, as well as to be closer to my kind…(Well this got weird quickly).

5) Eat Like A Girl:

*Food porn alert* (just for all of you on New Year Resolutions who can’t eat anything nice..HA). So if you’ve read number 3, you’ve probably already gathered why I’m thankful for this blog – because it’s full of pictures of delicious food! So although I don’t know the author of this blog personally, they are ridiculously talented, and have a cookbook and everything. I think that’s pretty amazing. Mostly because I’m not capable of that myself and I doubt crushing up some custard creams and putting them in a bowl of ice cream is exactly recipe-book-worthy. Niamh, the author, even does classes, and my god is it tempting to try.


Give me suggestions for next week’s Thankful Thursday @LLeaCunningham


4 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday: Blogs!

  1. Love your blog, always nice to see one that’s set out a bit differently with a bit of thought 🙂

    Thought you might like to know that my blog is based in the North East so you may find it interesting, we’ve done a swapsie 🙂 I used to live in the South but relocated to Newcastle 8 months ago to be with my boyfriend, absolutely loving it up here! Hope you manage to get home lots, I should imagine you must miss it loads!

    Chloe x


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