Truthful Tuesday: Jennifer Lawrence

Well, I’ll admit it. I have found the comfort of the bandwagon, the warmth of being surrounded by fangirls, and the satisfaction of being unoriginal.

I love Jennifer Lawrence.

Okay, I say love; I’m kind of obsessed.

I think this follows after my ‘I Wish Wednesday’ blog last week, because J-Law (yes, I’ve adopted this) really seems like a woman’s woman. The type of friend that would kick your ex in the balls for you, really freaking hard. Or when you’re feeling down already be stood at your door with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and two spoons.

Not to mention the endless, hilarious statements she comes out with. Or the way she gets away with just absolutely annihilating paparazzi – come on, who else could get away with screaming in the paparazzi’s face when they questioned her about her new haircut? If that was any other star they would be instantly accused of having a ‘meltdown’.

I think my favourite thing, is that she just doesn’t seem to care, especially about weight, which is so refreshing. Usually, I would look at a celebrity I admire and think ‘Oh I should really lose a bit of weight, they make me look fat’, but Jennifer is a normal size, that most women can relate to.

Maybe that’s why there’s so many fangirls out there?



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