Moaning Monday: NEET’s

So I’m probably late to the party here, but I’ve just remembered the lovely acronym that has been made for my generation: NEET’s.

For anyone that is also fashionably late to this political shindig, that stands for ‘Not in education, employment or training’. Which is fair enough. When it’s used just to group people together. But, people being people, and society being society, everyone has suddenly decided that it’s a derogatory term, WHEN IT ISN’T SUPPOSED TO BE.

For example, a sixth-form student has just finished year 13, and it is the summer, they are waiting to go to University, but do not have a part-time job. They are classed as a NEET, and suddenly everyone thinks they’re some kind of virus, including politicians who made the term up in the first place! This is why NEET statistics just cannot be accurate, yes unemployment in youth is high, but that doesn’t take into account individuality, some people are simply waiting for their next opportunity to start.

Yes, I’m all for young people actually doing something with their life, and I don’t agree with youth doing absolutely nothing and sitting on job seeker’s allowance when they’re not actually looking (unless they have a genuine reason), but neither do I agree with my generation being called ‘the lost generation’.

Not all of us are ‘lost’. What an inaccurate, and rude, representation.

But with all the cuts going on, I’m pretty sure it won’t be long till I end up being one of the lost ones. It’s as if the government are saying ‘oh, the next generation don’t need financial security, we’ll think about that when they’re older’.

Being a young person in this society has a knock-on effect to employment, employers seem scared to take us on because the government call us lost, and old people call us yobs. Great. We’re now also being blamed for any kind of financial decline in the economy, for example:

Maybe the government should start blaming older people, that would make a change.

Right now, being a young person, it seems like survival of the fittest, and the government are slowly trying to cut us down. Almost like the Hunger Games. Mr Cameron is basically saying ‘let’s play a game and try to make young people feel as shit as possible’. But, he needs to be more careful, the ‘lost generation’ are going to be first-time voters next year, so it’s up to us whether he’s stays comfortable at number 10.

Oh and don’t even get me started on the University fees….



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