Truthful Tuesday: Being a rebel in primary school.

The other day I got thinking about what I felt really quite guilty about, and surprisingly I feel incredibly ashamed about the fact that in year 2, I spilt sharpener shavings everywhere but didn’t tell the teacher, so somebody else got the blame.

Oh and the time, in nursery, where I set up a production line of my peers, passing sand in buckets, over to the water pit, in which we would pour it in to create some kind of pre-school swamp. I got caught that time.

I think the reason I feel so ashamed about what I did yearssssss ago, is because I’m not a rebel at all now. I literally just couldn’t get even more opposite to it. Yes, I get intimidated by authority, and I’d rather just do what I’m told in situations because it’s a hell of a lot easier. Though, this seems to run in my family. My two little brothers (in primary school) are the naughtiest children I know, one got suspended from nursery for biting somebody, and the other one attempted to hide behind a teacher’s portable whiteboard for 3 hours because he didn’t want to do maths work (I’m really selling them here).

Although, don’t fear, those in the same position! I have come up with a theory: those who are rebels in primary school are good students in secondary, and thus it works the other way around.

For example, I know a girl who was extremely quiet in primary school, but embarked on a journey to her Facebook page, to find that she is the opposite of what I knew. I heard that she’s been expelled from school for setting a bin on fire, and is now pregnant with her second child. Erm.

Though, I am scared to judge, because god knows what is going to happen to me when I leave secondary school…


Were you a rebel in primary school? Tweet what you did to @LLeaCunningham


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