‘I Wish’ Wednesday: Pressure

Sometimes I wish that there wasn’t so much pressure on me.

Maybe I’m making it up in my head, but lately I feel like there is an incredible amount of pressure on me. Everyday I seem to wake up thinking ‘Oh I need to do that for that person’ or ‘I hope that person doesn’t hate my work, I spent ages on that’. Having a bit of pressure is fine, but it can become too much.

The one thing I feel most pressured about is trying to find something to do instead of going to University. I have applied for a couple of journalism apprenticeships up to now, and they look so amazing, but I just can’t help but be filled with dread when I think about how many amazing people will be applying, and the thought that I might not get any of the opportunities I’ve applied for and end up with nothing to do. It’s all very scary.

At the moment, being 17, I live with my parents, and I don’t want to disappoint them by not going to University and instead of finding something amazing to do, end up with nothing, and live off them for god knows how long. I’m the type of person that won’t just settle for anything mediocre; when i want something, I do everything I can to get it, and this is the type of personality that everybody around me seems to see, hence why it’s hard to get some pressure off of myself.

Another thing I feel pressured about is coursework. Since the lovely education board decided that all of our exams should be moved to the Summer term (thanks…) all the coursework deadlines are bombarding me at once, and since all three of my subjects are coursework ones, it’s not exactly easy. I want the best grades possible, straight-A’s preferably, but it seems way off in the distance at the moment, and I feel like I’ll disappoint everybody if I don’t achieve.

This has got me thinking, is there too much pressure on young people?

It seems like teachers all believe that there subject is the most important, and this leaves certain students absolutely unable to cope, trying to make everything absolutely impeccable because they don’t want to disappoint, and like I said on Monday, we don’t ever get a time to rest. When you’re in small classes, like me, you know what everybody else’s grades are, and if you’re at the bottom of the class, you’re guaranteed to know about it. Oh, and 10-hour school days, they’re definitely not going to relieve any pressure.

The sad thing is I don’t think it’s going to get any better soon.

Sorry for a kinda depressing blog post….


One thought on “‘I Wish’ Wednesday: Pressure

  1. Some good points for sure. There definitely is a lot of pressure on young people but it’s tough to see another way with the hyper competitive nature of everything now.

    I think most people tend to do things to add pressure rather than relieving it though, taking some steps to reduce the strain could work wonders for most.

    You’re still very young though and not going to university or landing an apprenticeship shouldn’t be seen as a dissapointment.

    This blog and the other places you write are all good progress, the fact that you are thinking critically is another good thing, which will enable you to make the right decisions when they come up.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

    Oh and it’s not just you ‘young ens’ that have pressure you know :).


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