Thankful Thursday: Lexi

I’m so thankful for my little sister Lexi.

Let me begin with some context; before March 2012 there was myself, mum, step-dad, 2 half-brothers and my dog in my immediate family. Then in March, Lexi, my little sister came along, making her nearly 2 years old this year.

Nobody, knew that my mum was pregnant. Not even my mum..

She had noticed that her stomach was growing larger, swelling, and eventually decided to go to the doctors about it, as she was concerned. At the doctors, everything went into panic overdrive, with people trying to rush her to hospital claiming that she had a large, life-threatening tumour. Well, it turns out it wasn’t a tumour, instead it was Lexi. So, I guess that’s why I’m most thankful for her, being a little miracle and all.

But don’t get the wrong impression, she is anything but an angel-child, she is freaking hilarious.

I’m thankful for her because she makes me smile/laugh/nearly wet myself every single day. Let’s talk about this morning, for example – I walk downstairs and I’m greeted by my usual ‘ELLO’ from her (she’s not cockney, she just can’t pronounce ‘h’ yet and has a mouth full of banana/cereal/custard creams). I say hi back, thinking nothing of it, but then she goes silent, and everybody that knows toddlers knows that it’s never good when they go quiet. So, I cautiously turn around to look at her, and there she is sat with practically a whole walls-worth of wallpaper in her hands. It was one of those moments where you can’t help but laugh as a reaction, and I think if I hadn’t of laughed then my mum probably would have had a nervous breakdown (she’s one of those house-proud types). Lexi thought she had done something amazing judging by my reaction and walked around her playpen/cage shouting ‘YAY YAY YAY’.

My sister is also currently obsessed with this TV show called ‘The Numtums’.If you don’t know what it is, it’s essentially many very terrifying, small, rat-like creatures who look they’ve been in some kind of messy accident/torture chamber and permanently had numbers branded into their stomachs using illegal acid, running round the TV screen for 15 minutes like they’re on LSD.



Anyway, the point of the programme is to ‘educate’ children on numbers and how to count. And how to be permanently counting. Forever. Very loud. In public. This would be fine if Lexi could count to more than 10, but apparently the other Numtums past 10 couldn’t make an appearance in the programme due to their managers advising them it wasn’t the best option for their showbiz careers/drug problems. This means whenever I’m out and about with her, everyone is granted the pleasure of listening to ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 YAYYY’. For some reason she has taken a disliking to 7 and 8. I’ll admit, the counting was cute the first 152 times, but you start to notice people slowly getting more and more irritated after that. Don’t even get me started on the xylophone my parents bought her for Christmas…

My last thankful anecdote about Lexi is her fake sneezing. This is a recent development of hers, where instead of screaming and crying at 3am in the morning because nobody wants to count to 10 repeatedly with her, she has resorted to fake sneezing as loud as she can, as many times as she can. I have myself to blame for this. When I was plagued a few weeks ago, and unable to breathe, the usual cold stuff, I sneezed at early hours in the morning, waking her up. At first I thought I had gotten away with it, I heard no sound from her room, until a blazing, ear-piercing, joyful little voice said ‘BLESS YOU’. Since then the sneezing epidemic began as her attempt to get somebody’s attention.


I hope I’ve managed to make you giggle with today’s Thankful Thursday. There’s many more fun posts like this to come, so watch this space! @LLeaCunningham


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