‘I Wish’ Wednesday: Being Complacent.

I think as a generation we’ve become increasingly complacent. We never seem to be happy anymore, and it’s frustrating. I know I’m guilty of this myself, this blog just proves it, it probably makes me seem so flipping miserable (I promise I’m not, I just get the best content being cynical!). So that makes me ponder on the question, do we complain too much?

Put it this way, I don’t think we actually have it that bad; education is free here (minus Uni, but let’s ignore that), everyone I know has fairly decent phones/laptops, we have access to technology, we don’t live in a warzone and there are a lot of opportunities out there for us, in this country. Yet, everyday I, and others forget this, I constantly complain in the morning that I can’t be bothered to go to school – I get the bus – in other countries kids have to walk 12 miles, or more, every single day, to go to a school that only has a couple of teachers. Also, I complain that I can’t think of any content for my blog, yet some people don’t even have access to this technology.

I’m trying to say that we shouldn’t ever complain, that’s fine, we all have it hard in different ways; this world isn’t easy, but perhaps we should start making a concious decision to think before we speak, and be slightly more grateful.

What inspired me to think about this was watching Channel 4’s recent documentary on homophobia in Russia, in which one homosexual man said ‘It’s hunting season, we are the hunted’. It’s really sad that these sort of traditional values are still held in some countries, and I’m extremely glad to live in a country where change is becoming more and more accepted.


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