Thankful Thursday: Phone Upgrades

Until today, the phone (blackberry *cough cough*) was on the blink of exploding, and that’s not an exaggeration. Everybody who has owned a blackberry probably feels my pain; after 1 year they seem to slowly shut down, disconnect from you – like a pet cat that has ran off to die. I actually had to throw my phone onto hard surfaces in order for it to work, and it resembled something like this:

dead blackberry


Ok, so it wasn’t quite that bad, but it was pretty unusable. Trying to scroll through Twitter was like trying to walk through oblivion, and it had a nasty habit of pocket-dialling/Whatsapp-ing people (sorry if you’ve been a victim of mine). Plus, the battery lasted precisely 23 seconds before shutting down, and it constantly decided that I didn’t need to wake up in the morning, cancelling my alarms, and almost making me late on several occasions.

Apparently, it’s a common trait for Blackberrys to decide they don’t want to exist anymore, something I didn’t listen to before buying one, and what a stupid mistake of mine. Worst thing is that my contract lasted 24 months, and the lovely people at Three didn’t make it easy. Every month they would tell me ‘You haven’t paid your bill and we’re suspending your account’, when I clearly had because it was on Direct Debit, and I would receive calls every single week asking if I was interested in the latest Blackberry deal. Which I wasn’t.

So, during the 24 months, I personally signed a binding oath to myself that I would never ever ever ever ever buy a blackberry again, which I have stuck to, no matter how much ‘Dave’ from Three tries to convince me to buy the ‘£5 a month Blackberry deal’. And today was the upgrade day, now I’ve got one of these badboys:


Apparently they’re like really undestroyable (something that I need because I’m so accident-prone), and even waterproof. I already prefer it to my Blackberry, and this is why I’m thankful for phone upgrades.

Sorry for a bit of a materialistic blog post! Did you have problems with a blackberry? Tweet me at @LLeaCunningham



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