Hi, I wouldn’t blame you if you don’t remember who I am/what this blog is about/why you even read it/my face. Basically I haven’t blogged for a week, but I have an excuse; it has been half-term and I decided to RELAX. Yes, that foreign word, re-lax. Chill. Put my feet up. Not stress. It’s not that I find blogging hard work, or that I don’t enjoy it, but when you’re trying to come up with content every single day your creative flow just kind of stops running.

I was getting kind of bored of the layout of my blog, with different themes for every day, because it just doesn’t give me the freedom to write about whatever the hell I want. So that’s all changing – I’ll still blog daily, but it’ll be about random things, whether that’s a review or guest post. I just want to write about different things and gain some experience.

So yeah, I thought I’d just let you all know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth, and that blog posts will be starting again. Woo.



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