Tomorrow I’m turning 18…

Turning 18 seems much more understated than it should.

When I was 16, for example, I imagined my 18th to be grand, with a huge house party and teenagers everywhere and freedom. Essentially, none of that is happening, and I’m having a quiet weekend retreat to the coast with my boyfriend. Seems way too sophisticated, doesn’t it?

So this got me thinking, are the youth of today growing up just too fast? I don’t feel like a child any more, or even a teenager, instead all that runs around my head is the amount of work I have to do, or how early I have to get up, and it’s certainly nothing like it is in the movies; I’m not worrying about the boy next door or dancing round my bedroom singing into my hairbrush. Some nights I’m so stressed that I don’t sleep, and then go into school looking like a zombie and being complained at by endless amounts of teachers.

I openly blame school and education for this.

There was a recent article about primary school children receiving too much homework, and I couldn’t agree more. Having three younger siblings myself, it becomes tiring when all they do is scream over some sums, or struggle through spellings. Some of the homework they get isn’t even relevant, for example the other day my brother spent 3 hours making a booklet about The Vikings, and there were more tears than smiles, nevertheless my mother ended up completing it for him. Surely this depressing start to education is just setting us up to be miserable teenagers who have no life left in them? Critics often wonder why children play so many video games, but maybe that’s because it’s one of the only escapes they can get from education, homework or adults telling them what to do.

It’s not just the primary school students that get too much homework, secondary school students get too much work in general. I am believer of hard work with a bit of play equals success, but schools and examining boards alike forget about the play aspect, and drill students with coursework, homework and then some telling off when they wonder why they’re unproductive. We’re unproductive because nothing we are made to do interests us.

The education system is a dictatorship, not a democracy, and it’s driving teenagers to the brink of extinction. By extinction, I mean no one is given the opportunity to be a teenager and have fun. We are all growing up too fast.


One thought on “Tomorrow I’m turning 18…

  1. article is quite interesting and hopefully true happiness rays began to warm the hearts of us all, when we can share it with sincerity. Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂


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