21 creative ways to survive during exam season

1. Actually revise. Duh.
2. Read examiner’s reports.
3. After becoming frustrated with examiners blaming everything on students rather than the difficult paper they set, eat.
4. Eat some more.
5. Eat even more, that you’re full enough so you won’t have to leave your room for the rest of study leave.
6. Somehow break your internet. It’s officially the worst distraction.
7. Make a song about what you’re revising. Any genre. Other than k-pop. K-pop sucks.
8. Try not to regret not paying attention in lessons.
9. Accept the fact you probably aren’t going to have any friends for a few weeks.
10. Make sure you actually own enough stationary to get you through the exams.
11. Eat.
12. Sleep.
13. Breathe.
14. Remember to stay clean, you can afford 20 minutes not revising in order to have a shower.
15. Revise at some point without music, you won’t have Britney Spears to listen to in the exam.
16. Use The Student Room as your way to vent. Not Twitter. Please not Twitter.
17. Recite: ‘Procrastination is bad’ whenever you start to procrastinate.
18. Place post-it notes the places you go most, i.e the fridge.
19. Occasionally throw darts at a picture of Michael Gove.
20. Turn up to your exams.
21. Read this blog to make yourself feel a little bit better.



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