I created you a playlist!

I said a while back in one of my revision-help posts that it was  better to create a playlist before you started studying, instead of trawling through YouTube trying to pick a song every 3 minutes. So, I made it a bit easier for you all – I created a playlist for you! It’s around half an hour, non-stop, meaning that you have no excuse to be going on YouTube or any other sort of music website. You can simply just do half an hour of focused revision.

The playlist includes some upbeat music, of different genres, as I don’t know what everybody’s tastes are! I have to warn you, some of the songs do include swearing, just in case you don’t like that type of thing 🙂 Hopefully it helps you, and if it does, please let me know and I will expand it, or create different genres.

The playlist can be found here:



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