A Year On…

It seems so strange to be thinking that it’s around my blog’s 1st birthday. No, I won’t be shoving a birthday cake into my computer screen, or getting all emotional and lighting a Chinese lantern to reminisce on the past year of continuously becoming frustrated with WordPress wanting money from me to simply change the colour scheme of my site. Instead, I had a huge urge to delete my blog and all of the content on it. This morning, I genuinely hovered my mouse over the ‘delete site’ button, because for some reason, what was written on my blog didn’t seem real, or good enough, any more. For example, I have recently become more absorbed in other things in my life that have kept me from writing content, and for so long I went on about University not being worth it for young people, all of which seems to have amounted to nothing. One of the most difficult things about writing is looking back at your work and knowing that’s it’s not good enough and doesn’t meet your standards.

Obviously, since you’re reading this, I haven’t been a complete idiot and deleted my blog, because I realised that even though what I have produced in the last year may not have been good enough for me, there have been multiple occasions where what I have written has pleased, and maybe even impressed, other people, and my blog has helped me in ways that I couldn’t have imagined a year ago.

Firstly, my blog gave me more of a voice (cliché), because frankly there’s no way I could have got away with writing about UCAS or Gove in the way I did, in some sort of school newsletter. It also gave me a unique voice. Whilst it’s all fine and dandy blogging about make-up, hair, and shoes, I feel like there’s something much more empowering about being controversial and writing about topics that maybe other young people don’t have the courage to.

Secondly, as an aspiring journalist, my blog gave me an easy and free platform to write on, which then lead on to me writing for Wannabe Hacks, Future Talent, Lunacy of Ink, and as of today, I am a writer for Shout Out UK, with many, many more exciting projects in the pipe line. Plus, being nominated in the Cosmo Blog Awards still doesn’t feel real yet.

Lastly, writing my blog has caused me to mature. Though I may post the occasional (hilarious) cat picture on Twitter, I’m much more aware of how to have a structured conversation/debate with an adult about difficult subjects, for example I had a conversation not too long ago about the scam that I believe to be Private & Independent schools.

Overall, I should be proud of how far Through A Fresh Pair of Eyes has come in a year, and strive to create better content if I am not happy with what already exists. What can you take from this? Creating a blog is a really great opportunity and experience, but if you’re not going to make it original, and mean something, then is it really worth it?

I’m still on the search for guest bloggers, so if you fancy have a little whine on this website as opposed to your website then just contact me laurenleacunningham@gmail.com.


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