An open letter to Leelah Alcorn’s parents.

To Leelah’s parents,

Imagine for just a moment, that you had, what you’d consider a ‘normal’ child. A devout Christian boy who listened to every single word you said and never disobeyed, I bet you’d love that, wouldn’t you? Here’s the thing, that is not the child that came into your life. Simply from reading Leelah’s harrowing suicide note I can tell that she was a spirited, beautiful, and wise, young woman. Transgender or not, you should have been proud. You were blessed.

As you said to Leelah, ‘god doesn’t make mistakes’, so why were you so convinced she was one? What a contradiction.

Here’s the thing. We are all humans, we are all in the same position in life. Yes, we go through different things, but think back to basics, we are all the same creatures. This is what irritates me the most, when people suddenly think they’re higher than others because of certain beliefs they have. I don’t care if you’re a ‘lovely’ Christian couple. Being religious doesn’t instantly make you a good person. It doesn’t instantly make you right. Did you know that Adolf Hitler was religious due to his upbringing, and was technically a part of the Catholic church? Do you still think he’s a good person because he has faith? Attaching yourself to a religion does not make you instantly above any body else, or better than any body else, or ‘cleaner’ than anybody else. It’s simply a belief, and it is saddening to think of the many people that have attached themselves to certain beliefs who refuse to have an open mind and respect other people’s views. I guarantee Leelah never tried to change you, so why did you try and force her to change? Let me guess, because she was your child and therefore you were dominant? There’s another depressing recurrence.

Since I heard about Leelah’s death, it’s been running around and around in my mind what sort of rejection, or lack of acceptance you must have once received in your life to treat a child in such a manner. Because if I’m honest, I can’t think of any other reason why you would feel the need to reject your own child.

Leelah was right, we do need to fix society. We need to stop thinking that it’s right to force our own beliefs onto our children, when infact they are their own human being, their own source of life. Let children breathe, experience, and tackle life on their own, given them support whenever it is needed. Just when I thought society was getting more accepting, just when I had read about Angelina Jolie’s child identifying as a boy rather than a girl and the married couple accepting it with complete ease, something/somebody has to come along and slap the world in the face with complete and utter ignorance.

I feel like this ignorance would come to an end if we stopped the lack of acceptance at the source; don’t give birth if you aren’t willing to put your whole life into that child no matter what your beliefs are. Leelah, and so many others, have and continue to, grow up in a generation of hate, and trolls, and sometimes I don’t blame them for not wanting to live as a part of it.

I am ashamed.


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